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Everlasting Sacred Path [ESP]

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TL : DR Everlasting Sacred Path [ESP] is recruiting! |PvX|18+ adult|Discord|Low Rep|Weekly Events|Bi-monthly parties|12 yrs old & stable|Casual Raids|Forums|Community & Fun focus|espguild.com


Everlasting Sacred Path [ESP]

Founded in 2005 ○ http://www.espguild.com/ ○ International Player Base ○ 18+ ○ Discord Voice Chat

Council: Karuna.1357, Missy.6803, DragoTheWise.7256, Burjis.3087
Officers: JoPo.9028, Snipe Evon.8549, Artemid.3925, LordCanti.7124, Ashelyn Rayne.3724, The Deviant One.9278, Trisha Silverwood.2157

Events: Guild Missions 2x/week, WvW 2x/week, PvP 2x/week, Guild Raids 2x/week, Weekly PoF, Weekly Dungeons/Jumping Puzzles/Fractals, Fully Upgraded Guild Hall, Plus Lots of Various Yearly Events and Parties




Here is a quick and dirty history:

ESP started out as a small group of GW1 players back in June of 2005. We found that we enjoyed a special bond together and stuck it out throughout all the ups and downs of the game -- gradually growing over the years, making new friends and adding more features and diverse activities to accommodate our growing member base. In 2006 we were recognized as a Guild of the Week by ArenaNet and made it on to their list of Notable Guilds in the game.

By 2010 our membership was well over 100 players, a mark we reached through our philosophy of slow, sustained growth and member retention by making this a fun, unique, inclusive place for people to play. These days, we maintain a family of around 190 members in GW2. While this may seem like a large number to some, we have managed to hold on to that close-knit community feel that we originated with. Having more people just means we have the resources to do even more events and can maintain activities in multiple time zones.




ESP is a community where every member makes a difference and we focus on interaction. We host an extremely wide variety of events, all of which originate from member feedback. Rather that focus solely on one particular aspect of the game, we seek variety and find adventure in all that Guild Wars 2 has to offer us. To facilitate our guild activities we actively utilize our guild forums and we have our own Discord server.

Our member base features players from all over the world (except for Antarctica, though we had one who claimed to be a penguin from there. . .) and officers based in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East, ensuring that people have an opportunity to join in on guild activities regardless of your time zone. Our guild is mainly on NA server Fort Aspenwood, but we welcome members from any NA server so we can enjoy the game together.

We are an 18+ guild. We expect guild members to represent ESP when joining for guild events. While we have a very low representation policy, we expect interactivity such as talking in chat, going to guild events, and donating will be our way of making sure we stay a social PvX Guild. We currently have 190+ members in Guild Wars 2.




We are always accepting new members into our guild. Please feel welcome to post an application at http://www.espguild.com/ and/or look for any of our members in game. We speak with all applicants personally, either in game or via voice chat, before sending an invite. Essentially, we look for players who are fun, sociable, and willing to take part in guild events when they have the free time to play. We do realize this is a game and not a commitment so your level of activity is not of primary concern so long as you make reasonable efforts to let us know that you wish to remain in the guild.

We welcome any questions that people may have. You can reach us via pm directly in Guild Wars 2 or by posting on our forums. Thanks!

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