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Good fights




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I guess that's why they transferred off Kappa.

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The following future subject(s) of Borlis Pass, Delune, Haematic, and Ms. Spring Sunshine, henceforth decreed to be INTERNATIONAL TERRORISTS and OUTLAWS by command of the all-seeing and glorious Borlis Authorities, have been judged guilty in absentia of committing the crime of Injustica, and are hereby condemned by law to suffer 10,000 years of unrelenting capital punishment, to be carried out by licensed agents of this Law on sight.


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Respected Commanders: Hae from DIE





    I <3 Higgins

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I guess that's why they transferred off Kappa.

You say this, and this is actually 100℅ accurate.
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I seriously considered asking Gregor to speak for FA.

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