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[LST] Lightning Strikes Twice

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Hey Daniko

Hey Daniko
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Copied from EU Recruitment because we're across multiple time zones.


[LST] Lightning Strikes Twice is always looking for new and old players seeking a guild. We're an old community, originally from Vabbi EU where we spent the last 3 years, but having moved to Fort Aspenwood back in January of this year. We currently still exist over both regions, and we're not currently a huge guild having gone through a patch of relative inactivity. But we're always looking to grow and we've even taken on a few guys since we came to NA.


We're a PvX guild. We run a lot of PvE content including Fractals, Dungeons and HoT map events. We have a few PvPers in the guild too, so that's an aspect we'd be happy to work on. Currently we don't do a huge amount of WvW as a guild, and those of us who do WvW typically run with Helioz during their EU timezone raids. But we are interested in setting up our own organised raids in the near future. We're also looking to complete PvE raids as and when we can. So anyone willing to run those with us will be treated like a princess.


If you're interested please comment below, or message one of us in game. Account names are a pain to type so I'll just give you leader mains: - Haden Royce (me), Erin Marshall (Garou) and X Kombat Wombat X (Exe).


~ Hey Daniko

[LST] Lightning Strikes Twice

[Hel] Helioz