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DirectX 12

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http://www.eurogamer...s-a-gamechanger is an interesting read. AMD's idea of "just add more cores!" may actually hold up in DX12.

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the thing with that is that DX12 will relieve so much stress off the CPU cores that it really does not matter if you have more cores, rather, it would favor intel more because they have the best single core performance. 


I mean I might be wrong but realistically when you look at cores being utilized by DX12, they barely use them, so to spread out the tasks between multi core is great. However, having more than 4 or 6 until games start pushing them to the limit is still really juvenile. 

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DX12 is sounding good. It completely gets rid of the advantage consoles have had with a more streamlined approach to draw cells.


Pretty confident implementation will be widespread with the free Windows 10 offer that should have a large adoption rate compared to Windows 7. Also there are pretty significant performance improvements that would hopefully encourage developers to implement DX12 to broaden the hardware accessibility of their games.

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