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[BMO] Approves of whats left, In The GVG Scene.

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Just sharing a few winning rounds in the passing week, there are guilds we beaten and lost horribly to, this is a shout out and encourgement to those who has lost faith in GVGs in T2, it's still happening and everyone taking part in it is still trying to keep the GVG scene alive.


BMO will continue to support and be part of what is left of the GVG scene, hoping one day to make a name for ourselves. Good luck to all gvgers, lets fight! Ty for the fights. Dui, Wet, Fun, oT






If you are looking for a dedicated GVG/Fights guild on FA, feel free to check out bmo-guild.com

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Looking for a gvg/fights guild? Bmo-guild.com



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BOMB is goin to stay in the GvG scene too, the Scene is not dead is just havin a transition time ;) BMO for number 1 what what :D