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FA English Jargon/Chinese translation guide

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Red 不吃药

Red 不吃药
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Some of these might not be aren't accurate at all, cause I don't know the slang for it and some things just sound cooler in English. 

Anyone has a link to a Chinese Guild gvg'ing with comms? Might improve accuracy if that's what you really want :P





emmmmmmmmm......We have a live website:http://www.douyutv.com/59833


and welcome to join us with YY4276 like TS channel), If you understand Chinese ;) 

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Thief Character
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da tuan // da jituan is big group, talked to a guy a bit and got a few things. He said calling Waypoints "Teleporters" works, but honestly I'm not sure how well I understood him either.


xianjing is trap


Linking Waypoints and points of interest would definitely work, but conveying the idea of what is there might be the hard part.

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damn i am loving the new chinese people <3

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above you can see drigan kissing my pipi



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After a video Tangnu shared at another topic, here are some CN comms -

卡 (ka) = lag
落旗 (ruo qi // ruo sounds like rawr with an "o" and qi is chii or chee) = banner
打過來 (da guo lai) = DPS / Damage here
拉人 (la ren) = pull
水 (shui // say it like shhhhuuuiiii but with less h u i) = water


I've recently had to do this a lot on TS for my guilds cause some CN players won't realise they don't have push-to-talk set up.  So if anyone wants to tell them, just right click their names and poke them because chances are they don't realise you were talking to them. 


Your mic is open ~ 麥克風開了

Please mute your mic, we can hear your static ~ 請關麥克風,你那一邊有雜音

Set your mic to push-to-talk ~ 把你TS麥克風改為push-to-talk

Please check out FA website ~ 請看看FA網頁 : www.fort-aspenwood.com


If you really want to use Google Translate to communicate IN GAME, set the CN setting to Traditional Chinese or you'll get a bunch of random symbols.

Also, if you're feeling hardcore, this is the download page to their version of TS: http://www.yy.com/index/t/download

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